Singapore stopover itinerary – stay longer!

Singapore Skyline along the Marina

Singapore Skyline along the Marina

Alternatively, buy a ticket on the door, or in advance to guarantee entrance, to the rooftop viewing platform. If you time this up to go to the bar, rather than just the viewing platform. You can just pay for a drink rather than your rooftop pass.

By night, the whole complex comes alive, and the Marina Bay Sands projects an impressive light and music show, however, if you want to watch this, you’ll want to be on the other side of the Bay.

Marina Bay – Art Science Museum

If you make time for one museum while in Singapore, I’d highly recommend the Art Science Museum which is located in the Marina. This high-tech spot is rather popular with Instagrammers and photographers. As the interactive and colourful displays inside will entertain the little kids, as well as us big kids with cameras! You can buy tickets in advance through GetYourGuide or on arrival.

Not getting the instagram shot on top of Marina Bay Sands

Not getting the instagram shot on top of Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay – Other Attractions

Strolling around the Marina is the perfect way to enjoy the city on your first day. And take in some great views. The Singapore Flyer, the giant wheel alongside. The Marina is another option to get high up, while the aforementioned Light Show rounds of the day perfectly.

You’ll also find the Merlion statue, with its waterfall feature alongside the Marina. This is the national symbol of Singapore, and while it might look like a lion on first glance, take another look, and you’ll realise the lion’s head, is attached to the body of a fish!

Marina Bay – Dining

To round off the day, of course, you’ll want to sample some of Singapore’s famous cuisine, with the Chili Crab. And Hainanese Rice being two staples of the city, so I’d suggest doing one for lunch, and one for dinner.

The lower level of the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes has a surprisingly great Hawker Market, with high hygiene standards and reasonable value prices. So this would be an excellent spot for some lunchtime Hainanese Rice, a chicken rice dish, without having to detour too far.

For dinner, the Singapore Chili Crab is a sure-fire bet, and while this is one of the most pricy meals I’ve ever had, at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant, you can enjoy this with a fantastic view, looking back across the Bay to watch the light show with your dinner.

It wasn’t the best Chili Crab I’ve had in the city, that was in a place in Clarke Quay, but for the view and experience of the free light show, it might be a table reservation you want to make in advance.

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